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QR Gode Generator API - 100 Requests Per 24 Hours For FREE - V4 Documentation

Welcome to the latest version of the QR Code Generator API where you can quickly create a custom qr code using PHP, Javascript, HTML or just by visiting a raw URL in your browser.

100 Requests Per 24 Hours For FREE - NO PAYMENT DETAILS REQUIRED!

Step 1 - Get API KEY

Use the form below to create a quick account. We'll send you the API KEY you need to access the API via email so make sure this is correct! CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER FOR THIS EMAIL!

Thank You - We've just sent you an email containing your API details (maybe it landed in your spam filter), please use these details to use this service.

Step 2 - Generate A Request

Using the details from the email you got at Step 1, create a GET request using the below methods.

Simply send your API KEY with every request to get the QR Code returned.

Here is an example using PHP...

"YOUR-API-KEY";      //replace with your unique api key
$text "Hello World!";        //replace with what you want to turn into a QR code

//create the main url to call the api using your details. Make sure you urlencode the text part to be safe!
$url_to_return_qrcode "https://www.qrcoder.co.uk/api/v4/?key=" $key "&text=" urlencode($text);

"<img src=\"" $url_to_return_qrcode "\" />";


Minimal Example With Account Details

To get started simply send a GET request to the endpoint with URL encoded text like the example below...


Full Example With Account Details



We allow a small but powerful set of parameters that can be used in the following format...

https://www.qrcoder.co.uk/api/v4/?key=[KEY]&type=[SVG or PNG]&text=[qr-encoded-text]&background=[hex-color]&foreground=[hex-color]&eo=[hex-color]&ei=[hex-color]&size=[pixels]&padding=[pixels multiple]

KEY The API KEY we send you in your register email. Needs to be included with every request.

TYPE Options are SVG or PNG. SVG is the default. SVG will return Scalable Vector Graphics XML while PNG will return a PNG (Portable Network Graphics).

TEXT This is the text you wish to be encoded in the QR Code. Ensure it's URL encoded if it needs to be.

BACKGROUND This is the background color in 6 digit hexidecimal format (without the #). Example: E6E6E6

FOREGROUND This is the foreground color in 6 digit hexidecimal format (without the #). Example: E6E6E6

EO This is the EYE OUTER color in 6 digit hexidecimal format (without the #). Example: E6E6E6

EI This is the EYE INNER color in 6 digit hexidecimal format (without the #). Example: E6E6E6

SIZE This is the size in PIXELS. Example: 4

PADDING This is the multipler of the SIZE parameter to adjust the padding. Example: 4

FILE If set you'll get a download. Example: true