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Host A PDF File Online Hosting & Stats

Can I host a PDF online with your service?

Yes, and it's easier than you think. Simply send over the PDF via email or upload directly. We'll then setup your account and send you the link back to the PDF. Done!

Free PDF Hosting?

Sadly no, I have a family to feed :-) But it's very low cost. Packages start from just $60 per year which includes QR codes and statistics / analytics. Get in touch and we'll have your PDF file hosted within minutes!

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we offer a free trial! You get 3 days completely free to host your PDF online. Pay before the 3 days free trial ends and we'll keep it live for you.

How To Host A PDF Online

The easiest way is to upload your PDF directly to our website and we'll provide a direct link to this once it's uploaded. We'll host if completely free for 3 days, and simply pay $60 for 12 months you wish to keep it. We'll even track visits and provide you with a random secure link or a pretty url that you choose.

Can You Host My PDF File, I'm not technical!

Yes, simply send it us via email or upload it directly to our website and we'll handle the rest.

What will my PDF URL/Link look like?

You can have any of the examples below…

https://pog.io/this-is-my-nice-url-for-a-pdf - You choose the URL

https://pog.io/123 - easy to remember url / lookup code used for 'open to the public' PDF hosted files.

https://pog.io/zt2UgvrM - random URL that's secure and hard to guess

https://pog.io/gurQiRJBWPLT6uxq - random URL that's secure and REALLLLLY hard to guess

https://pog.io/1234 - A password protected PDF url.

Do you provide QR Codes for all your PDF hosted files?

Yes! We will generate a QR Code for all our hosted PDF files.